In 1983 our business, currently known as Kenneth E. Neault Homes, was establishing itself as a framing company. At that time we were known as Kenco of Washington, Inc. Although the business has expanded significantly since then, our original framing company is still fully operational and thriving more than ever. This part of our company continues to provide quality framing and remodeling to many additions. These services expand from the Greater Seattle area and all over the east side.


When we did start expanding the original functions of what our business was, it was only fifteen years later and we were busier than ever. We were completing construction from the ground up through the full process of buying land to building the entire home, inside and out. We had begun the process of working with architects and designers. At first it was the standard speculative homes that we were building, but soon we were building customized homes for clients from all over the area.


We possess a great deal of passion in everything that our business does for our clients. The gratifying smile that comes from every person when they see their finalized home is something we strive for throughout the entire process. 

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